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MaxMedia Light Edition is an intuitive program designed to help you create interactive presentations, product catalogs, kiosks, CD-cards or image collections. They can contain numerous pictures, videos, sounds or text boxes. Design amazing presentations and CD covers It’s wrapped in a well-structured and accessible interface, consisting of a preview area, a quick toolbar, and the properties panel, where all the changes are made. It’s recommended to have DirectX and Windows Media Player installed on the drive for the app to run properly. Add as many pages as necessary To use the program, you don’t need to learn any complicated programming languages, as you can combine photos, text, sounds, videos and HTML elements. To insert multiple slides, simply press the “+” button situated in the toolbar. The pages can be viewed by dragging the slider located at te top. Customize every slide with effects and transitions It’s possible to configure each slide with individual background colors, gradient styles or wallpapers, as well as apply a few filters (e.g. grayscale, sepia, emboss) and enter watermarks. In addition, you can set a transition effect, such as slide, shrink, expand, cross or push. Insert music, videos or images and save your work as an executable file It’s possible to add music (MP3, WAV, MIDI) by double-clicking on the field. You can then select if the songs should be played continuously or just once. You have the option to insert geometrical shapes (e.g. rectangle, ellipse, circle, triangle), images, videos (AVI, MPEG) and text boxes. Each element can be moved to any location in the page, resized, edited and deleted. The app lets you publish the project as an executable file, screensaver or burn it on a CD. Feature-rich presentation and image album creator Taking everything into account, MaxMedia is a comprehensive application that comes in handy when you want to make professional-looking presentations for the team, CD covers or photo albums. The program offers support pictures, text, video and audio elements.

Sophos Pro AV Home is an enterprise-level application to provide the best protection against all types of Internet threats. It includes features such as network surveillance, device control and reporting, quarantine, anti-virus and anti-spyware. The application also includes its own AV, which makes it easier to protect your users from malicious programs. The program can integrate with the Soph 384a16bd22

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Accepts a URL, a text string, or a number as an input

To GET a collection of endpoints, simply type in the URL of a
collection in the “collection” text box.

To GET a specific endpoint, use the URL that’s defined
within the GET operation, as an input to the GET operation.

To POST a document, define a URL that looks like this:



HTTP method is not compulsory

To GET an object, use an URL as input to the GET operation.


Http method: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE

Http method is not compulsory

To POST an object, use an URL as input to the GET operation.


Http method: POST, PUT, DELETE

Http method is not compulsory

To DELETE an object, use an URL as input to the GET operation.


Http method: GET, DELETE

Http method is not compulsory

To UPDATE an object, use an URL as input to the GET operation.


Http method: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE

Http method is not compulsory

HTTP request types (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)

The GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE request types are automatically detected by the application.

HTTP request type is not compulsory

Text strings

Text strings are used to describe the collection of endpoints
that will be created.

Text strings are used to describe the endpoints that
will be created.

Example: “All endpoints”

Text strings should be a comma separated list of text strings.

Text strings are not compulsory


Whether an endpoint will be displayed as an API endpoint or as a Text String

A bool value can be used to

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