The Keymacro service makes it possible for BitMail to decrypt the contents of its encrypted messages. It adds a layer of security to the BitMail architecture and it is considered a necessary component of an encrypted service.

BitDust Overview:
BitDust is an application for mobile devices that allows users to communicate with others without having to know their real names. The communications are made using mobile phones or, if the phone is rooted, as an anonymous Wi-Fi. Although we are using the example of using the phone for this particular functionality, the application also works with tablet devices (Android or iPad) using WiFi.
The application is capable of using pre-defined secure channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. for communicating or even sending free SMS messages. There are other options too, such as public and private forums, for communication with others.
The BitDust application offers users several unique and innovative features. For example, when the user creates a profile, a new ID is generated for it; this ID will be used by the application to make all transactions. The second feature is the “timestamp option,” which enables the application to store the time and date of each message that is sent or received.
BitDust offers a server-based email service, and its communications security is based on two levels of encryption:
TLS: used for a public channel or for sensitive communications. The security keys are managed by the app and it is not possible to retrieve them from BitDust.
Echo: used for a private channel for in-app messages and messages sent to the service’s email address. There is no public key protection; instead, the encryption keys are stored in the server.
The main drawback of BitDust is that it is impossible to exchange messages via the application’s secure channel without the administrator’s key. To send messages, users must provide their telephone number or email address. BitDust is not a fully anonymous communication app, as we have to provide information to communicate with others.
BitDust is capable of using different third-party applications to send text messages, such as SMSly, Textaus, etc.
BITDUST Review – Conclusion:
Users must be very careful when they are sending and receiving messages via BitDust, as there is no way to guarantee that the messages will be secure. There is no server-based email, and the security keys are not stored in the application.
However, the application is unique and innovative, and 384a16bd22

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